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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Maribelle's Redux

As loyal readers of this blog may know, (are you out there?) I'm a fan of Maribelle's Tavern. I don't want to toot my own horn too much, but I believe I had the first review of this restaurant, and I've heard many people say they enjoyed the place based on my recommendation.

Anyway, for the first time this weekend I ate in the bar area in the downstairs part of the restaurant. We watched the tail end of the NFL draft and part of the Reds game. I really liked eating at the bar, it was a very relaxed atmosphere. The look and feel of the place reminded me of what's come to be called as the Napa Valley style. But as I was sitting at the bar, all I could see were about 8 bottles of wine, which does not Napa Style make.

Anyway, this time I had the Roast Beef Ciabatta sandwich. This was a great sandwich, with horsey mayo and muenster cheese. The roast beef wasn't a deli slice either, it had the size and texture of a slice straight from the oven. The ciabatta, however, wasn't ciabatta like I know it. It was two slices from a large loaf of sourdough bread, with sesame seeds on it.

So, if you find yourself back there, like I did, you may want to try this sandwich out.


Anonymous Erin R. said...

Okay we get it. You found Maribelle's. It's not like JeanRo is top chef there, so let it go pal.

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is indeed a charming little spot overlooking the river and would be a great place to drink and dine. However what looked to be an enjoyable afternoon dining outside was overshadowed by poor, unattentive service, and borderline rotten food. I was the only table outside, yet I was not asked if I needed a refill of my iced tea until after the check was dropped off. The sweet potatoes in my salad smelled and tasted rotten, completely ruining the rest of my meal. The macaroni was bland and tasteless. The chicken sandwich was nothing more than overdone, thin chicken slathered in bbq sauce. Upon telling our server that we were disappointed she made no suggestion or effort to try and remedy the situation; offering to send it back, re-make the dishes etc. Instead we were referred to as 'hon' and 'sweetie' ad nausium when we were clearly not happy. If this were a normal tavern, I would not expect so much. However their prices($30 for salad sandwich and tea) and quaint decor definatly suggest that higher quality could be expected. Very disappointed, unfortunately will not be returning or reccomending what could be a great little spot.

2:56 PM  

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