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Saturday, January 06, 2007

License Fiasco

What's the knock against Cincinnati? That it's not helpful to smaller business? Well, that's one of many. But this editorial by Peter Bronson shows just how that reputation gets earned.

I've not been to Rondo's, but I hear that it's a great restaurant. And it's trying to make it in a part of town that doesn't have a reputation for having great restaurants. But the state liquor control board isn't helping any.

Too be fair, this isn't the city's fault, it's the state's. But could the city step in on behalf of Rondo's and try to help? They did that for the restaurants moving into the new Fountain Square area.

We're what, the second largest city in the state? Couldn't we swing a big bat in Columbus to help these smaller restaurants? Or couldn't we take a liquor license from a Chilli's or an Applebee's?


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