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Monday, January 29, 2007

Buffalo Wings at Mount Lookout Tavern

Okay, so all this talk about hot wings in preparation for the Super Bowl gave me a hankering for some wings. So I decided to stop in to the Mount Lookout Tavern, or MLT’s to pick up some of the hot stuff.

So I’m going to digress here and ask a few questions. Please, if you know any of the answers, feel free to enlighten all of us with the comment feature below.

Do all local bars and pubs, like MLT’s get their ingredients from the same source?

Does Cysco or some other food supplier give them the same ingredients? Or is there some mixing and matching involved?

Anyway, back to the review. You might guess from the above questions that I thought the wings were pretty average, but that’s not it. I was expecting average, and was surprised at how good the wings were.

I got a 15 wing order of hot wings to go. They also offered barbeque wings and garlic wings. When I got home, I was very pleased with how plump the drumsticks and wings were. This is probably the one area I was not expecting much, and MLT’s delivered with perfect sized wings. Much more meat on the bone than a place like Hooters.

The hot was a good hot, the kind that started hurting your skin if you let it sit too long. It was nice and messy, and I went through more than a few heavy-duty paper towels. And when they say hot, they mean hot. Not so hot that I couldn’t stomach it, but spicy for a guy who likes spicy.

So, I went in with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. Of course, if you’re reading this, I’ve just raised your expectations. In my opinion, these are good wings, nice and crispy, as big as you’d want them and hot. Nothing fancy, but why would you want fancy hot wings?

So, does anyone know where places like MLT’s get their wings? How much is up to the individuals in the kitchen, or is it pretty uniform across the board?


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